Changing an SAP IAM Attribute name

Changing an SAP IAM Attribute name

Purpose of this articleProvides guidance to end user on changing the name of SAP Attributes.  For example, possibly the end user would like to see "Outside Diameter" for "OD" on the user interface.

Step 1 - Ensure you are logged into the SAP Intelligent Asset Management suite.

Step 2 - Locate the "Templates" tile, more than like within the "Master Data" group.  Select the Templates tile.
Select the Templates tile
Step 3 - Select the "Attributes" card.

Select the "Attributes" card

Step 4 - Search for the attribute you are changing the name of.  Select it.
Search for the attribute you want to change the name of
Step 5 - Once you select the Attribute, tap "Edit" to put the Attribute into Edit mode.
Tap the "Edit" button

Step 6 - Change the "Description" and "Long Description", tap "Save".  Process complete!
Change the description and tap "Save"

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