Using the Browser to gather Support Information

Using the Browser to gather Support Information

The following steps show how to access an error you are receiving for support purposes.   Sometimes the error message is generic, this will show the detailed API (Application Programming Interface), payload, and error message.  Please provide the results of Step 3 to AsInt Support.

Step 1 - While in the browser (in this case it is using Google Chrome) go to View -> Developer -> Developer Tools

Step 2 - Click the area within the solution, or Application, that causes the error.  In this case it was a "Failure to Calculate" when the user taps "Calculate".

Step 3 - While the Error Message is displayed, tap the "Network" tab at the top, further select the "red" error line, in this case "tank_bottom".  The "General" section is what you will want to provide back to AsInt Support.

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